Hooper welding have expertise for Design & Manufacture Pressure Vessels, towers & Columns…

Of any size, weight & shape from any material grade

Using any standard & specification as required by customer

With inbuilt quality & reliability by following stringent standards & requirements

As the industry mandate has grown to complete more work in the shop prior to reaching the job site, Hooper Welding has responded and supported the challenge.

Hooper Welding actively provides complete packaging of systems including skids, piping, ladders, platforms, valves, pumps and related auxiliary equipment. Hooper Welding can provide full design of piping isometrics, structural design and engineering packages for any process requirement. Further, Hooper Welding provides completion of insulation. heat tracing and full assembly of any system.

In 65+ years, we actively service markets including, but not limited to… Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas, Water Treatment, Pulp & Paper and Power Plants.

Some of the example of pressure vessels, towers & columns manufactured by Hooper are HP Separators, MP Separators, Flare Knockout Drum, Regeneration Gas dryer, Regeneration Gas Scrubber, Regeneration water collection Drum, Instrument Air Receiver, AGR Regenerator, AGR Concentrator, Cracked DAO Tower.