To Whome It May Concern,

Hooper Welding completed the fabrication of a reactor for Frontier EI Dorado refining Company in july, 2010. The fabrication of the reactor took approximately 3 years to complete. As I understand, this is the largest thick wall vessel fabricated in North America. The reactor was 14.5 ft OD, 5.5″ thick, 106 ft T-T, and weighed 1,260,000#.

Hooper was the only North American company to bid on this reactor. They could fabricate this because of their knowledge in welding and their ability to think out of the box on how to handle rigging this weight during fabrication. Hooper brings tremendous knowledge and skills in welding. their equipment and skills for automated duo-feed welding and weld overlay capability also made this fabrication a success. The fabrication quality of this reactor was fantastic.

Hooper Welding and Frontier developed a good relationship over a period of 3+ years. Their abilities in heavy wall fabrication are unparalleled in North America.

My appreciation and thanks goes out to Hooper Welding.

Tommy Woznick
Director of Major Capital Projects
Frontier Refining & Marketing, Inc.