Worley persons

To Whom It May Concern:

In January of 2006, Hooper Welding Enterprises Limited was contracted by Worley Parsons in Houston, Texas to fabricate (3) three desalter vessels for ExxonMobil’s pipestill 3 (PS3) and Pipestill 7 (PS7) projects in Baytown, Texas.

P.O. #157000-20127 was issued to fabricate Tag# DR-712 for PS3 while P.O. #157000-20134 was issued to fabricate Tag#s DR-723 and DR-724 for PS7.

Hooper Welding worked very close with WorleyParsons engineering to ensure that the vessels were fabricated to the highest quality standards and in compliance with all specifications. After completing fabrication, the vessels were successfully hydrotested and post weld heat treated. Hooper Welding subcontracted the installation of the internal electric grid systems which were provided by others. This work required a high level of coordination with a designated 3rd party inspector who was a specialist in this field. Next, a qualified subcontractor was selected to coat the vessels with thermal spray aluminum (TSA). Finally, the vessels were insulated by a qualified subcontractor at the Hooper facility in Oakville.

In addition to completing all(3) three desalters on schedule, Hooper Welding was involved in the difficult task of shipping these vessels via rail from Oakville, Ontario, Canada to ExxonMobil’s plant in Baytown, Texas, USA. All (3) three vessels arrived at ExxonMobil’s rail spur in Baytown, Texas without damage to the vessels or the insulation.

WorleyParsons congradulates Hooper Welding for a job well done and looks forword to working with Hooper Welding Enterprises limited on other projects in the future.

John peacock
Project Procurement Manager